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World Peace

Charity of the Month

100% of sugar cookie sales support the charity of the month!  These are no ordinary sugar cookies. These are all edible hand-painted by Linda, sugar cookies, and are one of a kind. These are made with the best ingredients.  In addition, we have premium products that make an impact on Indiana and the world.  100% of our tips and 100% of the cash donations also go towards the charity of the month. 

2024 Charities

Jan: New Horizons Hope House & Trauma Informed Care for Ukraine Children

Raised $1,857.27

Feb: American Heart Association

March: Lifeway

April: Keystone Family Alliance

May: Youth In Aviation

June: Citizen's Ambulance

July: Indiana County Local Charities

Aug: National Dog Month

         Humane Society/Four Footed Friends/Canine for/ Disabled Kids

Sept: Family House

Oct: Birdies Closet

Nov: Operation Heal our Patriots/ PA FOP Foundation (PA State Police) 

Dec: Trees for Troops

Charity of the Month: Welcome
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