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Riziki Cafe USA
Cafe Riziki Uganda

West Riverside Safari and Tours help you create a memorable experience in Uganda.  They are a tour and travel safari company offering affordable coffee tours, safaris, and mission opportunities.  Click the link above to visit their website for more information! Or ask Karen at the Cafe. 

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Uganda Safari & Endiro Coffee: Contact Us
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Endiro Coffee

We purchase our coffee from Endiro Coffee in Uganda. Endiro Coffee is a company that wants to partner with others to end child vulnerability globally through coffee and its people, related products, profits, services, spaces, and stories. Riziki will be partnering with them by purchasing coffee from their farms! Karen has met Gloria in her travels to Uganda and is inspired by her story. She also loves the taste of their coffee! Click the links below for more information on Endiro Coffee and its founder, Gloria Katusiime.

Endiro Coffee Subscriptions

Uganda Safari & Endiro Coffee: Welcome
Uganda Safari & Endiro Coffee: Pro Gallery
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